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The Countries of Trythrone

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The Countries of Trythrone

Post by Unoti on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:32 pm

Limboria: Limboria is mostly a human nation based around agriculture. They are ruled under a Monarchy and have very diverse amounts of religion. They are the most politically and socially advanced of all the nations.

Kilu: Kilu is an underground nation governed mainly by Troglodytes and Trens. They are mostly tribal based and would only wish to be kept alone. The main religious belief system is Ogrémoch, Laogzed, and Demogorgon. They are masters of underground fighting and will often lead their enemies into a trap.

Neuralia: Neuralrai is made up of mostly Homunculi who worship and obey only their creator. The country itself is in complete anarchy but is thought to be close to creating it's own government.

Fulsulia: Fulsulia is a Druid nation whose religious beliefs and government is based around Wicca. They are said to not only be master healers but even can command nature.

Darengem: Darengem is split up amongst Dryads and Giants. The Dryads rule over the forests while the Giants stick to their hills and mountains. There usually is little to no interaction between these two groups. The Dryads rule over their part of Darengem with a Totalitarian government and worship Lauria the patron of the forest. The Giants on the other hand are in complete anarchy but they do come together for their worship of Annam All-Father.

Trihol: Trihol is an island nation where the majority of the population are Krackenites. The Theocracy they are covered under is based around the worship of The Kraken and have a place on their island nation where they keep the Kraken to worship and make offerings to the creature. The leader is said to be able to speak to the Kraken as he was chosen for this.

Inaru: Inaru is a Monarchy governed mostly by Drow (Dark Elves). Their leader Unoti is thought to be a brilliant strategist and a beloved leader. Though he himself does not have a belief system the majority of people in the land worship Fenmarel Mestarine. They tend to either live in dark caves or out in the open depending on if the Drow is a trader or if they are simply a citizen. Their army is adapt in strategy and combat.

Highsol: The Country of Highsol is mostly human who not only thrive on war but worship it. They are considered to have the strongest army. Their government is a Dictatorship based around the idea of you keep what you kill. This goes for anything.

Trivoria: The Republic of Trivoria is mostly made up of Forest Gnomes who strongly worship the Lords of the Golden Hills. They are generally masters of hiding and would rather not have confrontation although be warned they tend to also develop master thieves and assassins.

Litoria: Litoria is a dwarven nation whose society is governed by a Parliament. They have a vast supply of metals and minerals and their blacksmiths are world renowned. It is said they have the best weapons and bombs in the world.

Everlind: Everlind is made up of plains and nomadic tribes that follow buffalo for

food. Each tribe cares really only for itself but all are masters on horseback and gorilla warfare tactics. The vast majority of the tribes worship under Kyrgyz a tribal belief system much like what was worshiped by the Native Americans.

Vornaq: Vornaq, a High Elven country that is run by a Totalitarian government. Their main religious beliefs are that to other Elves. They are thought to be the strongest in magic and is said that their leader is a powerful mage.

Skythrow: Skythrow is mostly Wood Elven and is based around the game they hunt and the hunters and bowmen they raise. They are ruled under a Democracy of 5 leaders who make up the majorities of the decisions and laws that Skythrow is governed by. The majority of their cities are located in the trees where they have build large tree-fort communities in which most of the residence live as the country is covered by dense forest. The main religious belief system they hold is Seldarine, the elven belief system. In terms of Bowmen they are to be feared.

Zuelind:Zuelind is run under a dictatorship who strongly believes in science and due to this they have become the most technologically advanced nation. Their society and army is mainly made up of Warforged. It is said they have flint-lock pistols, muskets and early rifles.

Bara: The Barbarian nation of Bara is where most of the Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and Giants are located. The country is shrouded incomplete anarchy and is thought to be one of the most dangerous places to visit. (Note: The Giants homeland is Darengem the only reason they're in Bara is because during an ice age they migrated to Bara and were unable to return to Darengem.)

Undiscovered Islands: This is where you will mostly find your undead creatures and werewolves. They mostly worship Daedric Gods and usually are found in cults, covens or other groups. Though there are some who are solitary.

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