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Character Sheet

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Character Sheet

Post by Unoti on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:32 pm

Name: (What's your character's name)
Race: (what's your character's race)
Age: (how old is your character)
Age Appearance: (how old does your character look)
Gender: (are you male or female)
Country: (What country does your character live in. This will play a big part in your own personal story and will determine a lot for your character and will determine the color of your name)
Rank: (What rank are you in your country. CAN NOT BE A KING, QUEEN, OR ANY KIND OF RULER RIGHT OFF THE BAT)

Appearance: (what does your character look like? pictures are acceptable but you must wait a week before being able to post a link onto the site)
Hair: (What does your characters hair look like {color, length, and style})
Eyes: (What do your character's eyes look like {color, shape, and depth})
Attire: (What does your character wear)
Armor: (What kind of armor does your character wear and what does it look like)
Accessories: (what extras does your character wear, {examples: belts, bells, bandanas, ect.})
Distinguishing features: (is there anything that will make your character stand out from others that people may be able to identify them by)

Powers: (what powers does your character possess if any. NOT EVERYONE WILL HAVE POWERS)
Weapons: (what kind of weapon does your character use. NOT EVERYONE WILL USE A WEAPON)
Spells: (What spells does your character know. NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO USE MAGIC)

Bio: (What is your characters back story)

My story isn't one that should be told; it should simply be lived by the ones who live it.

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